aulty laptop cd/dvd drive solutions.

Another common fault on laptops is the CD or DVD drives these are sometimes referred to as the optical drive or disk drive.  Computer Repair Aberdeen see may notebook computers with faulty drives.  One common cause of a faulty DVD drive is a stuck drive.  I.e. the drive will not eject the disc or sometimes there is no disc in the drive but the drive’s eject button does not work.
There are two solutions to a stuck cd/dvd drive inside a laptop or computer.
1)    If you can load into Windows as normal then this tip will probably help quite well: Go to the my computer icon (this is just computer from the start menu in Windows 7 & Vista) then right click the CD/DVD drive icon.  There should be an option in the menu to eject the disc.  Choose this option and with any luck you can eject the disc by going into this menu. Of course this is a temporarily solution until you get the drive replaced with a working one.
2)    Another option is to use a paper click!  Get your hands on a normal sized paper clip and bend it out into a straight line.  You’ll find that there is a small hole on the front face of the drive.  Carefully push the paper clip into the whole and this will activate a release trigger opening the drive as shown in the image below.
laptop cd drive
You’ll find that both the solutions presented to you in this article are really just temporary until you take your laptop to a specialist computer repair company for example Computer Repair Aberdeen.  Quite often this is not the main issue with laptop CD/DVD drives; they can become dirty and need cleaned.  A normal CD cleaner can do the trick if you are still fining that your having trouble with a drive then it may need replaced.